The Summer Spot

When life gets away from me I try desperately to capture it with photographs. I would have no idea what has happened, how I have changed, or where I have been if it… Continue reading

A Slant of Light. An Ode to Dickinson.

I’ve seen you in a slant of light, that I’ve never seen before-I’d close my eyes and dim this life, to see like this no more- I find you hiding in my mind,… Continue reading

All it takes is a little Time

My Love for photography fell slightly dormant after being overwhelmed with the what it takes to be in the real world. This is not to say I never wanted to, I even bought… Continue reading


Playing Dressup

I love Halloween because it is the black sheep of the holidays. It is a sick twisted tradition that allows everyone to let their inner freak out. I find it to be not… Continue reading

Time Warp

I cannot say exactly what happened to the last two months. I tripped, slipped, and slept through nearly half a semester, and four paycheck periods without taking the slightest note to the world… Continue reading

A day with Saint Diego and Analog

I am so glad I got my shift covered on Wednesday and made it to Mission Beach for one of the most relaxing afternoons, and kick ass evenings I have had since this… Continue reading


For the first time in a long time I felt older on my birthday this year. After being twenty-one for arguably four years, twenty-two feels like a new pair jeans.

An ode to Jenavieve

Jenavieve is by definition of birth order my “little sister”. However, there is nothing little about her; she wise and talented beyond both our years. Since I have been living in California she… Continue reading

Weekend Willderland

I spent my weekend following around Will Crum +1 like a good old fashion groupie. They played at the Light Gallery on 17th street in Costa Mesa for a group of close knit… Continue reading


I wanna be a rockstar…

I stumbled through my door wednesday night from my first of what I assume to be many Mickey Avalon concerts, and had a tuna melt as a precaution to my inevitable hangover. I… Continue reading

Really, really good looking guys

I have a job serving cocktails and over priced appetizers that I absolutely hate but get paid very well to endure it. I also have a ‘job’ (and I use that term lightly)… Continue reading

I heart Shorescrew

Upon moving from Minnesota to Newport I met the most maniacal mix of young men. The boys of shorescrew have a local and internet legacy of blowing shit up, surfing, and throwing parties… Continue reading

the american in all of us

Mardigras is to New Orleans as the fourth of July is to Newport Beach. It is without fail the drunkest most debauchery filled day of the entire year. On a day like the… Continue reading