New Video Love

Cherokee Fade is my love child. It’s a dream to play music just in front of my cats. So on days like today when all our hard work is actually seen by real live people like you. I pretty much just spend the morning dorking out. Our newest music video was just premiered this morning by our friends at The Thursday Casserole. This video was shot with an incredible team and I owe an endless amount of thanks to them for their hard work and daydreaming. So thank you boys! Thank you Ozzie for dreaming up this magical piece and making it happen, Ryan Donahue for filming my face for hours on end and chasing my down hallways in the dark, Marshall for teaching me how to swim and staying in that freezing cold pool for hours on end to get the right shots, and Lugo for sifting through the endless piles of footage we dropped in your lap and for making this magic come to life. I am so proud to be a part of this project and we really hope you enjoy it. Also a huge thanks goes out to the The Thursday Casserole for believing in our project and sharing our love with all their listeners.

Click and follow and enjoy. We Love You.

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