an olive branch

Everything, well most things, have this strange way of working themselves out. What was once heartbreaking is now seen as relief. Thank god you left me type of thing. Sometimes we do horrible horrible things to people we love. No one is exempt from this type of behavior. At some point you will hurt those close to you. As time rolls on and on as it always does I find the spaces in which pain used to dwell become more fluid. My feelings are like my body in yoga. Where there was once tension there is now movement. If I try and I stretch and force myself to understand, then we can move on. I don’t know of you ever come by for a visit. If you do, know that I am making steps toward being the kind of person we both know I could be. Know that I have forgiven you. I would never be as happy now if you hadn’t been there in that space of tension. I’m ready, if you’re still willing.