Cherokee Fade 7/20/12

We, Cherokee Fade, played our first live show at Alta Coffee in Newport Beach some ten months ago. This past Friday night we went back feeling a lot like we did the first time, excited and unsure because we had a set to play half composed of songs that no one beside our cats had ever heard. I was relieved, our friends came, our family here in the city. Friends that were there the first time ever sang a song, friends that have given their talents to our project by helping us make videos, photographs, flyers, cover art that all mean the world to me, and friends that no matter where we go will always be in these songs. It was a bit of a homecoming, although we never went anywhere. It reminded me that this was exactly where I wanted to be and exactly what I wanted to be doing. Everyone hung in there with us while we navigated a relatively new road and were incredibly forgiving when I dropped the harmony in the middle of the song. It was true love. So if you were there by choice or by happenstance then thank you, we love you. If you weren’t there I have wonderful news for you, it was only one of many many shows and the next one is right around the corner. We will be playing at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa at the Kings Inn on Tuesday July 31st. The incredibly talented artist that can you can find there every single Tuesday kind of has me peeing my pants over playing there for our third time. This time is even more special however because we will be joined by our long time friend Nisan Pererra of Hello Evening who will be down from San Francisco that week recording their new record at Milk Route Records. It will be the third full length record this duo has put out in the last four years and they just keep getting better. So if I haven’t sold you on coming to our next show on the 31st then it’s utterly hopeless and you can stay home with reruns of The Walking Dead. So!

This video was filmed and edited by my lovely little sister Jenavieve as well as our photos and new flyer. We Love you Jenna!

So enjoy this and enjoy you because forever is always fleeing.

We Love You!


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