welcome to Paris. with love and life and a bottle of wine

we took a stroll one of our first days in Paris and we were blessed with the most lovely sky. I had to run several time to keep up with Andrea and Amber after being left behind with my camera glued to something…

She was right, the back of the Notre Dame is the most beautiful view there is of the church

I have come home. I felt a magnetic pull to this establishment. I purchased and then reread for the third time, A Moveable Feast. I could have spent so many hours there it was sick. I love books. I asked the girl who runs the show (who ironicly was named Sylvia!) what I had to do to get myself a residency next summer. Plans are in the works 🙂

Kevin and I could live and die in this room, happily.

One of my most fave shots form the trip

Enjoying a bottle of wine before the show at the famous Crazy Horse. The girls in the show were so perfect. Their bodies were nuts and best of all the were natural. No fakes over there, only perfection.

This is the view from our hotel room. It was raining so hard this day and when I snapped these pictures I remember thinking how much I liked the way this city looks in the rain. Paris it looks good on you

Andrea and I had ventured out into the rain, only to take shelter in a phone booth

Parisian brunch at Ambers apartment

I love this picture because Amber is teaching Andrea how to tie her scarfs

Amber had the coolest old keys to her building that I would have so put on a windchime.

French Love

Our view for the fireworks on Bastille Day. It was a lovely and drunken evening….

haha it looks like Andrea is mugging Leo

heart left hanging from a string like a necklace

the french breakfast. so many croissants, just ask my ass!

do I look French yet?

In one day I saw more art than I have in my life. Do I feel more cultured? Yes.

Paris Navigator

For all the art we saw that day which included some of the most famous pieces of all time, these were my fave. It is Monet’s full collection of waterlily’s. They are displayed in two all white ovaled rooms to ensure tranquility around them. They were breathtaking.

We had a sunset picnic on the Seine behind the Notre Dame. This was hands down my favorite French thing that we did. Amber took us with a few of her friends. We sat for so long drinking wine and eating cheese. The river bank was full of people doing exactly what we were doing and it was a lovely thing…

These pictures are from our picnic in the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. The Palace itself was ridiculous. The tourists were ridiculous and I felt like cattle so I had to get out of there and we spent most of our day eating and drinking wine in the gardens in a tribute to the overindulgence that is the Palace of Versailles….

we were so full that we hitched a ride on a gold cart from a few Australians.

This picture is deceiving because it looks like I am enjoying the french metro. In reality it is the sweatiest, stinkiest, most well functioning thing in the world.

Last year, Andrea’s boyfriend Sage worked in the kitchen of this restaurant for three months. We treated ourselves to an incredibly nice dinner and a bottle of wine. It was a perfect night with great food, and great life talks. Good times Dre, good times.

We went in the kitchen to meet the chef he worked under!

For those weak of heart and mind, do not continue. This is the Catacombs. The Catacombs is an underground graveyard beneath the street of Paris. I still can’t believe I went down there…
Andrea and I showed up well before they opened and were the second people in line. We passed the two people before us who had stopped to take some photos and we pressed on. Before we knew it however…

… we were all alone. The descent took around ten to fifteen minutes of long thin stone hallways with very low ceilings. I’ll admit I almost lost it on the way down. Then finally we came to the bones. It was so strange because normally it is a great tourist attraction and there would be people around you while you move through this space, but it was just the two of us.
I guess we weren’t entirely alone.

the energy of the small space was not scary though. It was creepy but I there was a calming effect to it as well. I was more freaked out in the small tunnels going down to the bones than I was among the boned themselves.

Add this to the list of things I never ever thought I would do.

In a great and morbid fashion we spent the rest of the day in another graveyard, above ground.

We payed our love and respects to Jim Morrison.

Love Always, Paris

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