Chamonix Valley

This is the view from the bedroom window at my cousins house where we stayed for five of the most relaxing days of our journey. And yes, on the right hand horizon, that is the Mont Blanc.

Their adorable backyard was so relaxing and lovely. We laid around all day and ate lunch while I wrote in my journal and took photos. Perfect, truly.

The one and only Mont Blanc. I died a little. Always thinking of you Percy Shelley.

Their adorable chalet was straight out of a Hedi movie. So adorable and comes with sheep in the neighbors yard 🙂


And what were thou, and earth, and stars, and sea,
if to the human mind’s imaginings
Silence and solitude were vacancy?

All things that move and breathe with toil and sound
Are born to die; revolve, subside, and swell

Peace like None other.

Fredriko had a great time, and was so happy to be in his homeland.

I shrunk a lot of my clothes so I had to let the hem out of my favorite dress. I am not much of seamstress, yet.

clothes that smell like sunshine

My beautiful family

Ancey for a day of shopping was one of the most classic and beautiful places I saw. It was like a little hidden town with the best of every world.

This series of photos comes from a day that I mastered every fear I have, or had I suppose. We went up to the Mont Blanc in a Gondola that holds like 80 people.

These photos were taken by Andrea because I was white knuckled and meditating the entire way up the mountain. Thanks Dre.
If you look closely at this photo you can see what looks like a pin at the top of the highest point in the photo. That is where we were going.

My method of survival.

Holy shit. See straight up. It was inhuman. But amazing. So, so very amazing. They say you never experience anything unless you really put yourself out there. Well, they are right. Whoever they are.

The view from the top.

I was so pumped that I did it. Only to be told that we were continuing on our journey in another gondola that this time held the three of us and went over an icy pass and into Italy.

I did a great job in the little egg. As long as it didn’t swing in the wind and I continued breathing I was fine. I even took photos and enjoyed the view. At this point there was nothing I could do. If I was going to die, than I was going to die.

That’s what I rode in!! You cannot grasp in these photos how high and terrifying it was.

But once again, when I did make it to Italy, I was so happy to have done it. And so proud of myself for not throwing up.

Lunch in Italy.

This reminded me of something.

Nothing can compare to actually being there and breathing the cold mountain air, but I hope these will take you away for a few moments…

A rainbow over the Mont Blanc. If I wasn’t a die hard fan of the Romantics before, I am now.

My Reward.

Dinners in the backyard and watching the sun go down over the Mont Blanc. I will never forget these days…

Bahhaa. A picture says a thousand words. Don’t it?

This is me after climbing a mountain. A real mountain. Don’t ever say I never did anything. It was single-handedly the greatest physical accomplishment of my 23 years of life. It was our last day there and my cousin decided to “push my limits” as she called it. Thanks, Shan.

Lunch at the top
I look like a giant in this photo. And I felt like one to. Way to go us!

The crew after the climb.

We rode the lift down and spent the rest of the day in town watching the Tour De France.

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