that’s the truth

one of my favorite things about Amsterdam was how everyone rode bikes. so many more bijes than cars could make the world a better place

when in rome, or amsterdam… 🙂

the vibe in Amsterdam was one of the greatest we found. everything was so laid back and clean. I never felt out of my element or really worried at all. It was a beautiful place and I would put it at the top of the list for places to revisit.

the whole city sits on canals that are lined with adorable houses and beautiful trees. We took a cruise one night at sunset. It was not only romantic but also a great new view of the city.

A few reasons and moments on why I love this city….

We were so happy to reunite with Cristine and Jenna, our girls from Nice. We had an amazing day that none of us will ever forget.
beers for breakfast. of course!

smoke break in the park on a lovely afternoon with my lovely friends. Life doesn’t get much better, slower, and simpler than this…

It was so appropriate that the four of us went here because since the moment we met we were drinking Heineken’s. I have never drank Heineken but the entire trip it was my go to beer. It was so delicious and universal. We spent the afternoon celebrating the birth place of our favorite beer..

I want this salad right now!

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