A Little London

After traveling by train for five weeks our flight to Amsterdam was quick and painless. We stayed in a hostel for one night before catching our tour bus to Bath. The hostel was crowded and hot so we wandered down the street to a spanish styled restaurant and had ourselves two bottles of white wine. Just for good measure…
The wine was accompanied by these delicious olives. Ever since Barcelona I have had a serous thing for olives. Nothing is complete until we are having olives.

This is outside our hostel later in the evening. This night was the single worst nights sleep I had the entire trip. With eight people in our room the temperature was close to hell. The bunks were little cubicles and I ahd to meditate to POS to survive the night.

“this is a collect call from…”

Our visit to Bath was the only tour group type thing that we did. As it turns our Andrea and I aren’t really the group type. After getting off the bus at our first stop, Windsor Castle, we immediately got lost from the group and had to run through the small town in search of Jason, our tour guide.

I snapped these photos before going into the castle and after locating our group.

Windsor Castle

We stopped at one of the oldest pubs in England for lunch and this beer was most delicious.

After lunch we visited Stonehenge. It was amazing. I don’t think words and pictures can do this place justice. The energy of such a place is like nothing I have ever experienced. If there were time I would have sat there all day just listening and staring at these stones.

This is one of my favorite photographs of the whole trip. Me loading my AE-1 at Stonehenge under a magical sky.

We had the most adorable hotel in Bath. After that night at the hostel I almost cried with joy when I saw that there was a bath tub in our room. Luxury.

Our last stop on our tour was the Roman Baths in Bath. Once again, so unreal. The stones making up this bath are the same stones originally laid by the Romans and they are still watertight. The place has been restored but it hasn’t been necessary with this Bath. I loved to imagine all the Romans living a lush life and being naked all the time. I am not sure if they were naked but in my mind they were.

These are pieces saved from the original temple built to celebrate the goddess Minerva.

The backpacks at this point became back breaking because we did some serious shopping in Bath which included the purchasing of two pairs of boots :/ oops

I was loving this. I am a huge Jane Austen fan and dork..

I died a little bit having tea in Jane Austen’s house

. After our stay in Bath we went back to London for the rest of the week and our trip. We stayed just two blocks from West Kensington station. So whenever we wanted to go anywhere this was our travel portal to the London Underground.

We had an adventure in search of a pocket watch for a certain someone. We found an antique market and the pocket watch was there waiting for me. It was made by the same guy that made Big Ben.

London Bridge.

Fredriko and Ben

See it’s the pocket watch!!

I was officially in charge of all navigation and Andrea was in charge of all currency.

After a lovely dinner we were invited into the kitchen. I think he liked Andrea 😉

Many Many Beers…

There was this amazing cafe around the corner from our hotel and they had vegetarian sausages! Needless to say, I ate breakfast there ever single day in London and this is what we ordered. yummm.

bye bye

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