One Day

One Day I will Blog about all of this. I cannot possibly tell you everything as these moments pass, and as I wish terribly that you were here with me I hold you in my heart. Every day is an adventure. Time moves to quickly and life is too rich to upload these photos or try to type it all out. I work on the trains but even those seem short. My time is eaten up by talking, drinking, laughing, and loving every second. I am writing in my journal everyday so I will not forget the emotions, and the sights I have experiacned. Then, One Day I will narrate the story of my life for you. In words. In Photographs. And with the love that it deserves. I am currently at my cousin’s chalet in a small ski resort town near Geneve Switerland. I can see Mount Blanc from the bedroom window where I sleep and there are sheep in the yard. It is the most darling place in the whole world. We traveled here by train today. We got lucky because we had seats on every train, we made all of our connections, and there was AC on every one of them. It was a miracle. I am sure this is full of spelling errors, and yes Olivia gramamtical ones as well. Life is too short and this is too sweet to sweat the small things. I am going to paste below a piece I wrote on the train about Barcelona….

I am writing from a train in Montpellier heading to Nice. It is our third train of the day and this one is hotter than hell, but the seats are nice. Andrea and I have aquired three other travelers today; tiffany, Jenna, who are traveling through Europe on the same route as us and Travis who has been studying in Barclona for a month and before heading back to Texas is traveling through Europe. Together the five of us have found train after train, seat after seat, and shared laugh after laugh because this journey is everything and anything other than what you expect. It is two hours to Nice and I will try with the skilld I think I have to recount what happened in what has been the longest and most life changing weekof my life. I thought I would be able to post regularly to my blog but life is too fast and time is too brief. It is only moments like this and late at night when jet lag gets the best of me that I have time to on a computer. For now words will suffice, hopefully they will always, but pictures will undoubtly come later. I have taken over a thousand photographs and we have only been here one week. After arrving in Barcelona and getting settled in our hostel Andrea and I set out to explore the city. The hostel was acceptable. It certianly was not something I would do all the time, but we did meet some cool people. At first our room was full of gurls our age but by the time we left two older men had checked in and that weirded me out. We kept everything locked up in a locker and every time we would go to get ready or shower in the bathroom one of us would always forget something that we would then have to dig our of the bottom of the locker. I slept on the top bunk and Andrea on the bottom, accept when she slept in my bunk with me the last night. Our hostel was on Passeig De Gracia which was a perfect location for us and a hub of tourists. So, being tourists we were happy. There was a fantastic Gaudi building downt the street that we toured on our first day. There was a massive super store called Corte Ingles which provided us with everything from hairdryers to picnic foods. The street was lined with great shopping and adorable and over priced cafés. We walked up and down the street, drank coffee, and stopped for lunch and Sangria. Simply lovely. We were remarably lucky in Barcelona to have our very good friend Issabelle. Isabelle is a friend of mine from Newport and has been living in Barcelona since last September. She inhabits an adorable apartment and has an adorable boyfriend. Th ole two of them showed us the greatest time while in Barcelona. Thank you!! Our first night in Barcelona Isabelle had us ver for dinner at her apartment. She made us cous cous, veggues, cookies, chicken, and my new fave snack; pan y tomato. In catilan they toast bread and the rub the tomato rather than slicing it all over the bread and then use salt and ollive oil. Andrea and I seriously ate that every single meal of every single day, and I will be taking it back to the states with me. At the dinner parrty we met all of their wondrful friends who are now mine friends as well, and we had such a lovely evening laughing and drinking and smoking hand rolled cigarettes. I am in love with Isabelles apartment. It is nearly 200 years old and still has many of the original features like the sink and the old stove. The ceilings are so high and the windowed doors that open onto the balconey reach from the floor nearly to the ceiling. The wondows and my favorite features of warped glass and cracked whote paint. It was my dream apartment for a photo shoot. Our last night in Barcelona Andrea and I statyed there to chatch the train near their house and we slept in the living room with all the windows open and the moto scooters breezing past. We also toured Parc Gual a park full of Gaudi sculptures and I suppose this is where pictures would be perfect because I cannot describe to you the talent and the precision dedicated to his work. I was exteremly hungover that day so I don’t think I gave it the apreciation it deserved but I loved it nonetheless. We had a picni in the park with Mark and Isabelle. We had cheese, tomato, baguettes, cherrys and jamon. I loved the jamon in Barcelona and I am not even much of a meat eater. It was amazing.

That is only a fraction of our moments in Barcelona. As you can see they pile up and I keep moving faster and faster. I love you all, and once I am home I will probably lock myself up and write for days… Bits and pieces will do for now.
Love always
This Gypsy.

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