As The Days Slip By…

I can see the end of this adventure on the horizon. I find myself not running from it, but embracing the idea of home like an old friend. I wouldn’t claim myself to be a different person. I am in all respects exactlly who I always have been. I still can’t spell, I still read Hemmingway, and I still love my someone. In fact I pleasantly love my someone more than I thought possible after such a long time apart. So, it is true. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I miss my cat and my sisters and running. This has been the most amazing time of my life, no doubt. I thought for so long about what this would be like, but I never could have guessed how truly amazing it would be. I have been taken in by so many amazing friends and family and shown such a great welcome in every city. I have met some life long friends and Andrea and I have grown closer than ever. It is almost sick that we have not fought once this entire trip.
I am not different but I am certianly not the same, maybe just a newer version of myself. I don’t see how anyone could be the same after getting to know themselves the way I have over these past weeks. I have done things, seen things, been places that I could have never dreamed up. I have stockpiled images and moments to create a new and full inventory for my stories. I also have about 5000 photographs to sort through once I am home. There are a million and two creative advetures I am planning once I return. Which includes recording a folk album, making dresses, decorating my apartment, publishing my childrens book, and hopefully scoring a few more articles in Locale… just to name a few. Life is full and the sun is shinning. The streets of London are faintly calling my name and this cup of coffee has run dry… Love and Progress for all you cool kids out there… Peace be with us.

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