Erin Andrea Barcelona parte uno

The internet connection here is really slow!! These are the first photographs of journey. We began Thursday the 24th in L.A and arrived sometime around 6 p.m the next day in Barcelona. The trip had a wonderful start. We were the last ones to get on the plane and boarding behind us was Orlando Bloom. He was beautiful! I heard his voice and then there he was walking with flowing hair down the tarmack. Then, our seats were prime. They were in the first row so we had enough leg room to do yoga with noone sitting on either side of us. We watched love movies and cried almost the entire way to London, and there We had a rough lay over in London, where Andrea fell in love with a pair of boots. After arriving in Barcelona and navigating our way through the bus system and hauling our massive back packs ten blocks and up five flights of marble stair in our hostel… we found what would be home for one week. I sleep on the top bunk and Andrea on the bottom bunk :)Isabelle and Mark have been our amazing tour guides, and wonderful friends throughout our stay here. I have a slew of lovely photographs from Isabelles gathering in her remarkable home which I will share later when I have the time to give them the tribute they deserve. In a short and brief note we saw some Gaudi, we went through a labrinth, had some mojitos and gelato, and then some… more photo from inbetween these moments to come 🙂 short and sweet. love!

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