Bon Voyage

This will be Andrea and I very soon…
I am taking a moment in the middle of this mayhem to recognize what is truly happening here. I cannot believe how much cute clothing fit in my backpack after the thirty rolls of film and the two cameras I am bringing. I have said goodbye to my parents and my sisters and several of my friends. Farewell once again… Andrea and I leave in just a few hours for Barcelona and I haven’t the slightest idea of what to expect. I am of course a little nervous, kinda like the first day of school. I have my i pod fully loaded with every Doomtree album I own to get me through this plane flight. I have faith hidden behind my ears and good wishes around my wrists. Do not worry everyone, I will be fine, and I will come home. I may come home a slightly different person, but I will come nonetheless. This feels like the reward of a long journey that started when I packed up my truck and moved out to California. If I could do that, then I can definitely do this. So with a great big smile and a thank you to everyone that has inspired and supported me on this journey, I bid you farewell….

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