Venice and The Goat

After Las Vegas Maggie remained in my care for another few days, and here I have chronicled the trouble we made and the fun we had. It was a week for the ages, and Maggie I love you more than ever!! Until Next Time…. Andrea Candice and I will be saving you a seat at the cool kid table. See you on your turf sooner that later biatch!! LOVE!

We Made an Adventure to Venice on a Lovely Afternoon in Search of Treasures.


Double M got a Henna Neck tat. She is thinking about getting it permanent.

Jenna and Sean on a photo quest

Jenna doin her thing in her new puppy hat in Venice

Our new Business card

New Polar Bear hat, no shades, Feelin Fresh stuck in traffic on the 405


Mojito at 333

Boys Heart Goat

Game On, Maggie found herself at home in an instant.

Lovely Ladies

You Know Maggie is in Town when rounds of Jameson start getting ordered!

Andrea and Maggie shakin it like were still in Vegas

Good Times.

Whats up Maji??

Candice and Matt having a lovely time

Old Bestest Friends

New Bestest Friends…. Till Next Time!!

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