And Then There Was Vegas…

It was last Friday. Maggie had just arrived from Minnesota with a wicked hangover and we were off to Las Vegas. On the way out of town I purchased a white claw foot bathtub at an estate sale, and with that under my belt I was feeling lucky! We headed out on the I-15 in my grandmothers original Camry. The weekend was ridiculous. I spent most of the time in awe of the humanity in Las Vegas. Everyone was bubbling over themselves, frothing at the mouth, and visually screwing everyone near them. Sodom and Gomorrah off the 15 past Barstow…

My Life Tastes Like Iced Black Tea

The Camry likes the open road, but it did not like going uphill and decided to max out at 50 mph.

Between all us girls we had a million things to wear, and even then someone would ask, “Is this Vegas cute?”

Ladies Feelin Lucky in a Miami inspired Cherry Blossom Tree Flowing Restaurant where the three of us split one sandwich and honestly thought it was a good idea

Old Town Las Vegas our first night out. Thanks Dragon for being such a great guide!

My Happy Place, The flower garden at the Bellagio

At this moment I turned to Andrea and asked, “Is this seriously what everyone is doing here?”

This Gladiator man was the ONLY good looking man we saw in Vegas. Douche Bag after Douche Bag crowded the streets and casinos and dance floors. I am still astonished by the douche bags per square foot in that city.

Cutest Picture of the Weekend. We were on our way to dinner in the hotel at this adorable wine bar.

Candice and Katie drove out to meet us for Saturday night, and if you ask them they will say it was worth it. Good times indeed.


Let The Good Times Roll….

Lovers. Paul Okenfold. Dancers. Shakers.

Andrea trying to catch up

The drive home was questionable at best. I owe my life to Maggie and Andrea for driving home because I would have run us off the road. We stopped at Peggie Sue’s Diner off the 15 which looked like a site for a horror movie. I felt as if everyone in the diner knew something we didn’t know. I think they wanted to eat our brains. The best park was the park in back filled with huge metal dinosaurs which they cleverly labled “Diner-Saurs”.

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