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The week continued with a similar spirit as Hello Evening rolled into town on Friday night. They have been on a ten day tour of the lovely California coast. They started in San Francisco and made their way down playing shows in Santa Cruz, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbra, and were now in Costa Mesa to play at West Side Bar with local favorite band Semi Sweet. I had had one day off of nonstop nonsense and I was back on the train after picking up Marcell at John Wayne Airport Friday afternoon. After feeding seven hungry, hungry boys dinner we made our way over to West Side. I have seen Semi Sweet play at this venue a few times and have always enjoyed myself. The drinks are fair, and the sounds are good, so I am generally pleased. Hello Evening played first and they were everything I knew they could be. After knowing these talented young men for quite sometime I must admit it brought tears to me eyes to watch them take their true and full form. They just finished their first full length record available for download at Hello Evening.com and they also have a vinyl EP available there. If that’s not cool then I don’t know what is. After a seven song set that you can dance to, love to, shake to, and cry to I felt their moment was over all too soon. Lucky for me I had another evening with them in store, and a rad set from Semi Sweet to keep a smile on this face.

Andrea doing what she does best. Drinking wine and selling Merch.

Marcell and Andrea say go to HelloEvening.com right now and download Mountian for a lifetime of happiness.

That’s What We’re Saying Too 🙂



Semi Sweet

Semi Sweet

Candice with Andrea and Sage whom are now in Costa Rica, lucky bastards!

Old Friends

Good Times, Great Friends, and all around lovely evening with Hello Evening

Andrea said, “Put The Tape In The Tape Deck”

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