Time Capsule

I always have a cache of used film, a dozen rolls rattling around in a mason jar on my desk. When I have extra cash I’ll grab one or two and drop them… Continue reading

On Your Question

Your question reaches across everything and makes me feel like I am sitting on that plane again. I wonder who am I now to tell anyone what to do, or how to feel… Continue reading

A Year Ago

The simple truth is I cannot take everything with me. I cannot take this. I’ve always had to be the truthful person at our table. The one who takes a knee because because… Continue reading

On The Table

I’ve got new horizons as of late and seen more sunrises and sunsets in the past week than in months combined. The world is stretched out before me all golden hills and open… Continue reading

It Will Be

There aren’t even the right words for all the feelings I’m having about leaving right now. There aren’t even feelings for all the feelings I am having. I don’t even know how they… Continue reading

On What Is Worth Keeping

On the floor in front of me is a small stack of a books, a collection of crystals, a note my mother once wrote me and a pair of velvet shoes. These are… Continue reading

What Kind Of Woman

I remember wondering about who I would be in Idaho before I came to Idaho. I was in this holding place in California for a summer. I knew I was leaving and I… Continue reading

I Wake Up

I wake up sad about something that never happened. Even my dreams feel far away lately. I try to talk about them like I always do when I wake up but the details… Continue reading

On Swimming

It seems like lately everyone I am around nearly lives inside of the ocean. And it’s something I’d missed, but didn’t know so, while land locked in Idaho. There are few things more… Continue reading

from here

I’m in your kitchen and we are ten years older than we were before and yet entirely the same women. Months ago when I was in the place, when I couldn’t see straight,… Continue reading

On The Rooms To Be Made

I am relieved no one told me when I was young, how shaken and shaped I would be by the people I chose to love in this life time. Writing that sentence I… Continue reading

this not that

I do not write about things while they are close to me. It feels volatile and wrong and like an invasion into what we are doing. More than that I just can’t see… Continue reading

back here

It is insane to me how a place can so wholly rule you from the inside. Sometimes I feel like I am underwater here. Sometimes I feel like there is no water for… Continue reading

I’d Go Anywhere

I try not to think about what it might be like to have a body and be in front of you. I try to not think about it the way I try not… Continue reading

These Terms

  This time, like most times, we play by your rules. Or I should say, we don’t play at all. Still yours. People keep on saying they can see it on me, tell… Continue reading