On Choosing A Mood

I am learning so much about allowing everything to be what it is, with no fault, no judgment, no expectation. The times when I feel a sense of unease on this journey, when… Continue reading

Not Bound

My missing you is not bound within my body. It trails behind me when I wander crowded streets, brushing itself against strangers. It sits with me while I eat dinner alone with a… Continue reading

On The Familiar And The Strange

It’s a wonder really. How adaptable we are. No matter how foreign something is at first, in days, weeks, it relegates itself to a certain normalcy. I spend a week in one place… Continue reading

You Get Up

Sometimes I’m afraid I love people in the sort of way that sucks all the air out of room. In the mornings I used to pretend to love you less. To wait for… Continue reading

A Week In

Everything has stilled and I feel a kind of normalcy that a week ago seemed as impossible as my being here in the first place. You climb into yourself and learn how to… Continue reading

On Arriving

I’d be lying if I said this was easy. And I’m not being ironic. Don’t let my calm expression above fool you. And, there is some kind of real shame in this whole… Continue reading

Time Capsule

I always have a cache of used film, a dozen rolls rattling around in a mason jar on my desk. When I have extra cash I’ll grab one or two and drop them… Continue reading

On Your Question

Your question reaches across everything and makes me feel like I am sitting on that plane again. I wonder who am I now to tell anyone what to do, or how to feel… Continue reading

A Year Ago

The simple truth is I cannot take everything with me. I cannot take this. I’ve always had to be the truthful person at our table. The one who takes a knee because because… Continue reading

On The Table

I’ve got new horizons as of late and seen more sunrises and sunsets in the past week than in months combined. The world is stretched out before me all golden hills and open… Continue reading

It Will Be

There aren’t even the right words for all the feelings I’m having about leaving right now. There aren’t even feelings for all the feelings I am having. I don’t even know how they… Continue reading

On What Is Worth Keeping

On the floor in front of me is a small stack of a books, a collection of crystals, a note my mother once wrote me and a pair of velvet shoes. These are… Continue reading

What Kind Of Woman

I remember wondering about who I would be in Idaho before I came to Idaho. I was in this holding place in California for a summer. I knew I was leaving and I… Continue reading

I Wake Up

I wake up sad about something that never happened. Even my dreams feel far away lately. I try to talk about them like I always do when I wake up but the details… Continue reading

On Swimming

It seems like lately everyone I am around nearly lives inside of the ocean. And it’s something I’d missed, but didn’t know so, while land locked in Idaho. There are few things more… Continue reading