From The Grass

He is telling me I am trivializing that afternoon. I’ve been interested lately in how our memories looks so different from those we share them with. How can our heads be so close… Continue reading

I’ve Said

Few things in my life have had such a profound impact on me as White Oleander has. My sister gave the book to read when we’d first moved to California, just south of… Continue reading

keep on taking

Everyone will keep on taking so long as you are willing to keep on giving.

Washed Up

I am interested in how my entire person can be taken to another time and place in a single instant. How I can be walking to class in the freezing morning of Idaho… Continue reading

on bodies

It seems like we’ve been talking about dreams a lot lately, and even in my dreams we are talking about dreams. And it’s making it very hard to decide which are real and… Continue reading

our garden

When I make tea in the morning I look out the back window at the garden. This time of year, mid winter, when nothing grows, it is just a tangle of forgotten stems… Continue reading

on being sad

Lately, it seems as if I have nothing good to say at all. I cannot even make conversation in the grocery store, like something has crawled up inside me and keeps eating the… Continue reading

on the future

I wonder sometimes about the way we can live outside of ourselves. I can already remember this walk and your cigarette and the sound of the highway behind us. I remember it even… Continue reading

Universal Paradox

You’ve been responding to me lately. You. There are emails and comments that slide under the door. And I tell her it is because our heart strings are strung the same way. And… Continue reading

It’s Silly

I am not so sure we ever learn anything at all. I find myself chewing and choking on the same questions I have had now for two years. I have learned neither how… Continue reading

A Spade A Spade

It’s hard to be the kind of person with all the feelings. Sometimes I have so many it seems there is not enough room inside my frame to hold them and I have… Continue reading

It Snows Here

It’s snowing here. I think about calling to tell you this, but I don’t call you anymore. It sounds like that Drake song, but it’s because Drake knows the truth. I could see… Continue reading

On What We Owe

Sometimes when I talk about you, which I do, I do talk about you, they ask me if I’m sad or if we still talk. And my answer is always the same. I’m… Continue reading

the exception

I am reminded lately of how I felt before my last move, the one which brought me to these tan hills and high desert and river lover years. The knowing of change is… Continue reading

on convitction

I forget sometimes, the way we speak when we are are being us. I can get around on the mornings we share and the evenings we don’t speak, and it all feels like… Continue reading