36 questions

While I am lying in my bed and you are lying in your bed there is an entire world between us. And in the span of a single conversation people die and cosmos… Continue reading

On Our Relative Distance

In the morning I wake up with the idea of you taking off my clothes, and it isn’t April at all but more like September. And the bed we are in, it isn’t… Continue reading

It’s Good

I’ve stopped expecting everything and anything. And the sound of a car door is just a car door. It’s getting nice again and it feels right for me to be alone. For years… Continue reading

Bang Bang

Sometimes I wake up like someone has lit some hell fire inside of me and I feel like I could rule the world. It’s insane to me that days like today can follow… Continue reading

It Finds Me

Sometimes it’s the space when I wake up. Or it’s the long walk home. Or it enters through the front door in the middle of the afternoon on the first warm day we… Continue reading

on the monsters

I am suspended in time and space. I’m going through the motions of a life that is over, a chapter I have finished. I try to go grocery shopping and end up leaving… Continue reading

The Good Spell

He tells me I should listen when someone shows me who they really are. I’ve always had this terrible habit of weaving my own narratives onto someone else’s canvas. My sky is blue,… Continue reading

on the seams

I am startled by how quickly we can become strangers. We tether ourselves together, these invisible strings strung from my lungs to yours. Even when apart we are in orbit. There is something… Continue reading

the parts

  I’ve got all these spaces around the parts that still hurt. They are stitched together with metallic thread. I don’t think about them all too often but sometimes when I am lying… Continue reading

From The Grass

He is telling me I am trivializing that afternoon. I’ve been interested lately in how our memories looks so different from those we share them with. How can our heads be so close… Continue reading

I’ve Said

Few things in my life have had such a profound impact on me as White Oleander has. My sister gave the book to read when we’d first moved to California, just south of… Continue reading

keep on taking

Everyone will keep on taking so long as you are willing to keep on giving.

Washed Up

I am interested in how my entire person can be taken to another time and place in a single instant. How I can be walking to class in the freezing morning of Idaho… Continue reading

on bodies

It seems like we’ve been talking about dreams a lot lately, and even in my dreams we are talking about dreams. And it’s making it very hard to decide which are real and… Continue reading

our garden

When I make tea in the morning I look out the back window at the garden. This time of year, mid winter, when nothing grows, it is just a tangle of forgotten stems… Continue reading