On Dreaming.


Sometimes I speak of something and then I dream it. Other times I dream of something and then I see it. Ever since I was young my dreamscape has been a tangible place in which I am taught. I carry back with me into waking life certain lines, or moments, lessons I learn in ways that are backward and strange but the message is clear. The message is always clear even when everything else is muddy.

Keep your eyes open.

No one can live like this for very long.

Remember you did the right thing.

In the mornings I tell you about my dreams but you do not know how long I have been doing this for. You do not yet own the context to how important this part of the day is, and I reminded that we are sometimes still strangers.

I have gotten better lately at laying to rest that which didn’t happen because you are right in telling me that’s no way to live a life as lovely as mine. “I wonder if anyone else enjoys being themselves as much as I do.” I wrote that once, but I a hardly remember who that girl was. It sounds really nice though.

I wish I knew what she like. But, that’s never going to change.

In my dreams it is easier to learn because my window of focus is so narrow. So, I try to do that here. I read something you told me four months ago and it is something along the lines of, how you must be very deliberate in where you place your focus. It’s the duty you have to being alive this one time.

I should be able to learn the lessons here too, even though they are always muddy, and the message is not always so clear.




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