It Is June

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It is June where I am. June is an island. It always has been, and it always will be. There is something about this month that others itself from every other month. I could say it is my favorite but that would imply a different kind of relationship than the one we have. I say it is other.

One of the things I did not say to you because I did not know I needed to say it, was that nothing changes in June, no decisions are made, and we are left only to endure it. We are made to learn from June. Or better yet I am. And now you are because of our proximity in this part of our life. June like Jupiter is here to teach you lessons.

I have said this before, the lesson like the story will teach you how to learn it if only you are willing. If only you are going to show up.

I am reading a book about an island and the moths that hatch one summer and cover and color everything in their impending presence. They drip from the trees and cover the doors. I am in my own kind of moth summer. There is no getting away, there is only living through it. And if we are lucky there are even ways to enjoy it.

I am not afraid the way I was in May. I am curious, and capable, and open to everything now. I do mean everything. Read that as you will, because I know you will. How we handle things is two-part how we hear them.

I have a room and a desk and a postcard on the wall. I do not think about it often but the loneliness of Vermont still hangs in everything I do. I will always be wandering those streets and sitting at that desk. I was right about this, I will be untangling what happened to me there for a very long time.

I am finally working though.

Rivers flow north on every continent.



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