Universal Paradox


You’ve been responding to me lately. You. There are emails and comments that slide under the door. And I tell her it is because our heart strings are strung the same way. And I tell him it is because people like us feel all the feelings. And I am for the first time understanding that I am not actually writing alone at my kitchen table. I am seeing for the first time these words seeping out and crawling across the globe and into other broken and still beating hearts. It’s a wonderful thing, how these words can serve as stitches. 

We talk sometimes around the table about the particularities in writing, the specific nature we tell stories in, and the light that shines through them. I am learning faster than ever. I am seeing the Universal Paradox as the truest truth in writing. And that is the idea that the more specific I am in the wonders of my life or the heartache or the details of my world, the more universally it will strike your heart strings. 


2 Replies to “Universal Paradox”

  1. That last sentence. Boom. I’ve been binge reading your stuff the past two days, it’s addictive. Thank you for putting your thoughts down so beautifully into words. You’ve inspired me to keep up with mine.

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