It’s Silly

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I am not so sure we ever learn anything at all. I find myself chewing and choking on the same questions I have had now for two years. I have learned neither how to answer them nor how to ask them. 

I met an older man the other day while waiting in line to buy coffee. And like a poster for old men everywhere he imparted wisdom, saying things like, all these people are in such a hurry. I wish someone had told me at your age how silly it is to be in a hurry. 

I can’t decide what is colder: the morning or the night without you. I think we can get to wanting something for so long we can just get around on the want if we want to. I wonder if you still let your coffee get cold before you drink it. 

I feel like I was just asked to change my entire life and now I am being asked to do it again. I’m not sure I see the harm in being settled or in that very dirty word, comfortable. 

I woke up angry with you for something you did in a dream and for your never showing up in the middle of the night. But now, it seems a very silly thing to be angry at all for anything when it comes to you and I. 


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