my miley

as if I needed another reason to love Miley Cyrus… did I just turn you off? are you leaving because I said that? do you now find me shallow and uneducated? that is almost entirely my point. this woman has moved beyond boundary pushing and turned people into the very things she is vying against. there is no glass ceiling this woman cannot kick her way through, no genre she cannot experiment in, and no outfit she cannot rock the shit out of. it blows my mind the amount of backlash she receives from the public for doing nothing other than exactly what she wants to do. and I think it’s down right stupid to rewrite her off because, because why? she makes you uncomfortable? she lacks taste and flaunts her sexuality? sticks her tongue out and takes her clothes off? is a bad influence? I call bullshit on all of the above. her choices are calculated, her style is off the charts, and her empire does nothing but grow, grow, and grow. so sign me up. I’m a Miley lover and damn proud of it.

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