I did it. Three days no food only the wonderfully crafted juices sent to me via Jus by Julie, a family owned business based in New York. Five pounds, a lot of sweat, and some mind altering conversations later I find myself on the other side. If I had more juices I honestly could have kept going, but three days felt rather ambitious at the start. What I loved the most about these juices is that they use a special blending process that actually holds onto the fibers of the fruits and vegetables, leaving me feeling much more satisfied throughout the day than any other juices I’ve come across. This also however provides a unique texture that may be a problem for some people. They have over nineteen juices, lemonades, and blends in their arsenal. It would be pretty hard to get truly bored by this operation. My personal favorite was the spicy lemonades and the chia berry which felt more like vacation than cleanse. They offer a bit of variety in the three day package by supplementing certain juices for others, but now looking at the menu, there are so many more I want to try!! For starters I need to get my hands on the Spicy Pome-nade, the Java Jus, and the Dr. Green. Like now please! You think I’d be sick of juices at this point, but it’s quite the opposite. I feel refreshed, renewed, and revitalized and I only want to put the very cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest things into my body. I was feeling sluggish and slow for weeks. I had just finished my first year of grad school and moved back home for the summer, nothing felt right. This cleanse hit the restart button for more than my body. I feel a clarity of the mind and spirit that I was lacking before. It’s crazy how much of the process was in my head. I wasn’t hungry not truly hungry, but I thought I was, mostly when I thought about food it was like a drug. I felt like needed it, like I had to have it. But often times the things we think we need are just desires on overdrive. I don’t need a plate of nachos, in fact I am lactose intolerant and would probably never eat a plate of nachos, but let me tell you what at about 3pm on day two, I NEEEEEDED those nachos. But I never caved. The strength I found in saying no to myself built up a pattern of resilience as the time passed. I am remarkably proud of myself. These days it’s hard to drive a few blocks in Southern California without finding a spot that can supply your juice cleanse or just a daily fix, but for those of you elsewhere, where a fresh pressed juice isn’t a stones throw away, this is your best bet. Jus By Julie is shipping these cleanses overnight to your doorstep anywhere in the country. Do it and do it now because this weeks cleanse is next weeks clarity. If you aren’t up for a full cleanse then you can simply supplement a meal or two in your day with the juices, you can sign up for a subscription with your favorite flavors and they show up at your door every seven days saying DRINK ME. Life is too short to feel shitty and after years of cleanses and trying just about everyone under the sun I can say this has been one of the best experiences I’ve had yet. CLICK. ORDER. DRINK. LIVE.



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