A bright eyed brown haired girl that goes sometimes by the name of Rose.

She was last seen singing at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa California.

There have been some reported sightings of her roaming the foothills in Idaho writing sad country songs about no longer lovers.

If you find her, approach carefully. She is a manipulative and wields strong words when pressed for change.


feeling a bit lost. feeling a bit like I lost parts of myself. I am not sure where they are or how I misplaced them and whether or not I will be able to get them back. I expected to miss tangible things, smells, kisses, meals. I did not foresee missing aspects of my identity. I suppose in some way you would remind me that there are new parts of myself I am discovering. And, as always you are probably right. It doesn’t change the spaces and it doesn’t fix the way I feel. I miss more than anything, singing, writing and performing. I miss it in a way I didn’t even know was humanly possible. It’s as if I can only take half breaths. As if the quality of the oxygen is missing some element. nothing can fulfill me. I try to fill it with writing stories. reading stories. studying. and some days it works. but today is not one of those days.

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