work it.

I went from having no job to having three jobs in a matter of a week. I suppose I’m one of those go big or go somewhere else kinda people. My time writing suddenly has been cut , slashed in half or even fourths and yet it seems I have more than ever. Time expands and contracts to that which we ask of ourselves. Do more, make more, be more. Being pulled in different directions has reminded me of how beautiful, how precious my time alone is. I find myself waking up far earlier than I have in months just to squeeze in an extra forty-five minutes of writing and I spend every single minute hands on the keys accepting everything that comes to me. I am suddenly reminded that I can do in one day what I have been setting aside for weeks. The real world isn’t as scary as I had imagined. In all respects though I hate working for other people but the perspective I’m getting is well worth it, for now.

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