They say girls falls in love with men just like their dads. I used to think that was weird and gross because why would I want to date a guy who reminds me of my father, weird, when I’m gong to have sex with him, possibly for the rest of my life. So now that I’m all grown up, or at least on the way, I have a totally new view on what it would mean to fall in love with a guy like my dad. Knowing my father as an adult is completely different than the man I knew growing up. Yes he’s is still the massive Argentine man that scares the shit out of every guy I bring home for five minutes but now he’s more of a real person too. I’m not just skirting around him in the kitchen cause I’m stoned (which pretty much sums up all three years of high school.) My dad is the original badass. He met my mother during his years bronzing at the beach, windsurfing, riding motorcycles, and generally being cooler than everyone else. I found old photographs of the years they spent living in Santa Cruz before my sisters and I were set loose upon this world. My dad was a total babe with a beard that you’re current boyfriend would be jealous of and rocking short shorts you’d pay a fortune for at you local vintage shop. So, long story short, girls do fall for guys like their dad. I never would have thought. Happy Fathers Day Dad!


see, check the sweet beard!


skills for days.

love u dad!

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