Over the hill and through the woods

On a journey up the coast to play in the Red Vic theater before it’s forever remodeled led us then into the woods and and we happened upon the next greatest spot ever… Fernwood. Follow here…
 Tita. Thanks.
 Few things in life compare to the joy of a man and his pupusa.
 Buttonwillow. Haven’t been? You should go.
 yes OJ we all love you fur coat.
 the lovelies at the Red Vic Theater.
 some genius
 OJ and Man.
 my life is complete. this is my singing Carolina with Nisan in front of a huge burning yule log. I’ll never say I didn’t do anything with my life.

 our lovely cabin site.
 Sometimes it’s good for you to feel so so small.
 We’re going to play here.

 on the edge of today you can see the shadow of tomorrow.
 The thrill Seekers.
 The Comrades.
The historian.

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