something like a prayer.

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we just live for living answers and forget the questions to the truth
we pretend like we deserve this and just assume the sky is blue
but sometimes these times they come along to remind us we’re alive
and ask us to live our life before its time to die
not everything is fair sometimes the best never find their luck
and sometimes the hand we deal is a hand that’s far from trust
you cant believe in anything if you don’t know that your alive
and why do we wait for tragedy to see who is on our side?
why cant we count our blessings on the days the sun does shine?
why do we forget how much we love those ones right before our eyes
because today is not forever and yesterday is gone
and it will never be the same
and you cant remember to hold on
to time that’s always moving and luck that seems to run
if I could tell you just one thing:
I love you more than the sun.

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