Bieber Fever

Such a wide range of moments and topics addressed here I feel in no way out of line by bringing this up. Nisan this is written especially for you because I know how much it will boost my street cred. Unless you have been dead or living in an ashram for the past year you have been unwillingly exposed to Justin Bieber. This kid seems to be literally everywhere. I have done an incredible job of not catching Bieber fever because I don’t have t.v and I never listen to the radio and I try to stay far far away from all panic inducing teen sensations. However my luck has run out these past few days as he and his coiffed hair and million dollar smile are everywhere I turn. The Glee episode this week was centered around Bieber, he performed at the Grammys, I looked up at the t.v last night at work and there he was playing the celebrity portion of the MVP game, and finally when I came home last night and got the mail there he was on the cover of Rolling Stone giving me that smoldering sixteen something stare. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went inside poured a glass of scotch and sat down to read his interview. I think a part of me is so flabbergasted because I wont lie, I’m interested. A part of me, a very secret part of me loves Justin Bieber. I can’t help but dance around a bit when “oh baby” comes over the speakers in Forever 21. And this fact only makes me more crazy and furious over his crooning and sweet dance moves. The interview in Rolling Stone is a remarkable depiction of some kid shot into super stardom rolling in a Range Rover and wearing black diamonds only several months after receiving his drivers licence. A part of me feels this kid is seriously estranged from reality and will only become more isolated as his fame grows. In some countries his mere presence has induced riots and stampedes of young girls. He is no longer allowed to play arenas without seats because the girls will literally climb over each other to get to him. WHAT?! Throughout the piece he speaks with a Midwestern “cool kid” Ebonics slang in which he attaches “swag” to the end of every sentence. The point of all this is that this kid is like a fucking supernova; a production of the media and the world in which we now live and have in part helped create. He lived in the basement of a government housing complex with his mother in Canada. His mother put videos of him on YouTube where he was seen, discovered, and plucked out of obscurity and into super stardom in less than four years. Only today, this could only happen today. Now he is everywhere I turn and I accidentally spent an hour last night watching YouTube videos of him! I have caught Bieber fever. I don’t know what it is about him that has women of every age around the world in such a frenzy. Is it because he gives young girls the hope of that first boyfriend and reminds us older women of the same simpler time in our lives. What is it it? Is it the hair? And how is it possible that on a Saturday morning I have now spent the better part of twenty minutes writing a synopsis on The Bieber. He got me again. Fuck.

One Reply to “Bieber Fever”

  1. erin, i feel you, the word 'bieber' enters my vocabulary at least once a day and somehow it's turned into a adjective like 'google' for me. unbelievable… cue the rehab at age 22 for that kid though.

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