Full Moon Finale

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Tonight’s full moon is a particularly special full moon for myself because it will be the last full moon that rules me. If you know me well, or not so well I suppose, then you know how serious I am about the lunar cycles. This is because I was born with a cancer rising sign and have since the beginning of my life been ruled heavily by the moon. My moods, my relationships, my life, my plans all flux as the tides and I have always felt a close kinship to the ever-watchful moon. 
For those of us that were born in the evening hours, such as myself, something special happens right around twenty four and a half years in our celestial rulings. For me twenty four and a half years is happening right now, well on the twenty fourth to be exact. I will no longer be ruled by the moon, I will now be ruled by the sun. 

I find this incredibly interesting because this year on my twenty fourth birthday on the twenty fourth of August there was a full moon. I know all this because my mother has seriously studied astrology for as long as I can remember and the phone seems to ring whenever shit hits the fan. Sure enough, every time it is my mother on the other end unknowingly offering advice and solace by telling me that mercury is in retrograde or Jupiter has fallen out of time, always explaining the current predicament with frightening accuracy. Believe in whatever you want, I believe in the stars. I don’t know what this will mean for me, and I don’t know what it means for us, or for you. All I know is that my mother called and told me to hold on tight because nothing will ever be the same. Some sort of force will or has recently entered my life that will irrevocably change the course of it forever. I can look foreword to a more ‘me’ centered universe, (which I find terrifying.) All I can hope for is that the sun will be as good to me as the moon has been. A part of me feels like I am loosing a dear friend, but the future looks bright, very, very bright. 

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