Poetry 30

I am taking a poetry class at Irvine with a whole slew of freshman that don’t give a shit about the beauty of words. I am taking it because some wise humans told me it would help develop stronger verbs in my stories. This much is true. However, I find many of the assignments trite and unsurprisingly I continue to do, and write whatever I want. This week we were given a secret written by another classmate and told to write a poem, but we are not allowed to rhyme. So of course, mine rhymes. Since I cannot use it in class I will use it here and share with all of my faithful followers my ‘cheap rhyming’ poetry, for better or worse. Read through to the end and find out what my secret was. *It’s meant to be read aloud, so do yourself a favor and act like an idiot for a few moments.

Sweet Angela

When I met her in September
I liked the way she spoke
I like the way she licked her lips
I liked that she had hope
I like the fact that she read books
she spoke the words upon her mind,
she told me things I never knew
she drew circles on my spine.

She showed my what meant to love,
She practically drown me in it
But no matter how hard I tried
I could see myself within it

I liked it when she got on top
and I liked her from behind
but the jelly feeling I once had
now trickled out my spine

It was colder than I would have liked
those weeks in that December
she crossed her legs then crossed my mind
fewer times than I remember.

She loved me like a sick disease
like it was the only thing she knew
She loved like all she could was love
I was lost with what to do.

So I let her keep on loving
cause I liked the way it felt
to have someone who need me
I’m like pants without a belt.

I kept her close through winter time
cause it’s cold between the sheets
and no one likes a new years kiss
with someone you can’t keep

I told myself I’d break it off
when the snow began to melt
but I found myself in April
not telling her how I felt

I became accustomed to the way she moved
the way she drove my car
the way she laughed and things she ate
but it wasn’t love by far.

I kept her at my side
when summer came around
she had a boat and tiny clothes
what more could I have found?

I know it sounds so horrible
to let someone go on loving you
without the slightest of regard
to not feeling the way the do.

I became addicted to her smell
to the way she wanted me
I told myself “it sounds like love”
but I knew it couldn’t be

It took me two more months
I went back around to September
before I told sweet Angela,
this love wouldn’t last forever.

The secret I was gifted was: I led her on for twelve months, because I was addicted to being loved.

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