Tiki Tiki Tambourine

A festive Friday night out at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa for Atwater and The Pricks turned into massive mayhem, and a twelve hour hangover for yours truly. Me and my ladies had sushi and drinks before heading to the bar located on the industrial side of Costa Mesa. The show was a blast as always, and the people in attendance were some of my favorite.

Me, Dre, Candice, Danielle at Kevin’s house before heading out to the bar. We had vodka soda’s while all the boys smoked cigars. TGIF.

I love this one, Sage is like, ‘what is she doing?’ and Andrea has no idea. I love these two sooo much! Andrea and I will be departing for Europe at the end of June, so stay tuned for some serious footage from across the seas.

Yeah, Candice. She may be mad that I included this picture, but it speaks volumes for the integrity of the evening. I love my friends, and I am pretty sure that they still love me!

Me and Kevin, aren’t we cute? 🙂

Cat’in Around Town. Nice legs ladies, these are some lucky boys to escorting you for the night.

Andrea and Sage, with some Sepia tone lovin!!

Jenna at the start of the night, while she is still stoked on her job. On Friday and Saturday nights you can find Jenna behind the lens of my camera shooting some of the best nightlife photography in town. You can always find her at The Alley, but if there is somewhere happenin you can be sure to find her there too! Go Jenna!

Two Please?

Look at us! Not Working!! If you know us well than you know that tragically Andrea and I work nearly every Friday and Saturday night. For us both to be off work and out on the town is basically a miracle.

So cute, the picture, and my ring Danielle is wearing 🙂

Drink Doho Drink!! As the night progressed the drinks seemed to go down quicker, isn’t it funny how that happens. Then eleven o’clock becomes two o’clock and you didn’t even notice!

Boys being Boys. Leave it to boys to find sports on in the bar on a Friday night.

Group Shot. Love Everyone.

Lugo and Meeks gettin down with the Get Down!

Mike Brophy, being Brophy.

Coley and Candice lovin life and their Friday night

Jenna later in the night, not lovin it so much. Hey, hey take a picture of my Genieva!

Reed and a very pretty Lady

Pricks I have seen the Pricks play at countless venues on every day of the week for the last four years. I still love their set, and will continue to love them always!

Pricks at the Tiki Bar.

Me, having one of my twelve drinks. Dear God. The next day I had to lay in bed from morning till night, take a Zofran, Compazine, Norco, and Xanax before passing out until today. God help me.

Pretty Ladies like the Pricks.



One Set. Two Set. Three Set. Four. How Many Pricks at your door?

Kevin Elliot giving an amazing performance.

Crowd shot.

Things began to get blurry. If you aint double fisting it, you aint a real drinker.



Don’t Wanna Be Used.

Elliot, number one super fan.

Twice the Kevin, Twice the Fun .

Your Girlfriend is a little Pricks Groupie.

Wake Up.

Yes Please.

Over and Out.

Andrea loves Atwater.

Kev and Lugo chattin it up



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