“Vanity is just a childhood disease,” -Dessa
UV8A1190 UV8A9628
Screen+Shot+2015-03-02+at+6.25.35+PM Screen+Shot+2015-03-05+at+5.20.33+PM


Black Moon Sky Vintage, Tony Andrew


Cherokee Fade, via Jenavieve


for the Untitled Underwear Project, Josh Soskin


for the Untitled Underwear Project, Josh Soskin

IMG_6167 IMG_6178 IMG_6439-2 IMG_6486 IMG_6521 UV8A6098 UV8A6188 UV8A6272 UV8A6411

Raen Optics via Jenaveive


Bustle Worship via Tony Andrew

IMG_3065_Site Erin_site Erin_Tumblr Erin_BW_Web IMG_3146_Site Erin_Levis_web

our life via Tony Andrew

sb2 IMG_70804




zero fucks webb unnamed-11387955_2013202131102_1795382205_n

Wrangler, Jenaveieve Belair

1393032_10151622316291470_1049155703_n-1 1374235_2016986425707_1744252694_nme.1-Jenavieve Belair // Brixton

van-Jenavieve Belair 998444_1972821681616_1073041318_n-Jenavieve Belair IMG_0544-Jenavieve Belair // Raen Optics IMG_9544-Jenavieve Belair // Raen Optics 1005099_1948430871861_639286965_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 253771_110785749092181_1026925626_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 553067_110785409092215_1973131461_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 17918_110785939092162_899474556_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 8105_110785549092201_2138321351_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 733851_110785585758864_1954222590_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 32 -Jenavieve Belair // Cherokee Fade 397330_10150444348386470_504006469_8979569_5155114_n -Jenavieve Belair 734090_1872711338920_372078440_n -Jenavieve Belair // Brixton 561691_1756221546748_1125016907_n -Jenavieve Belair // Raen Optics 554747_1892703278706_812664023_n -Jenavieve Belair // Raen Optics 299261_110785452425544_1187572287_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 527851_1880750019882_98685314_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 945600_1910247397298_1007409596_n -Jenavieve Belair IMG_96j87-Jenavieve Belair 10065_4753115307390_552061919_n -Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 46231_10151088200706470_1560565381_n -Jenavieve Belair // Wonderland Sun 284918_10150244321401470_155706_n -Jenavieve Belair 385063_10150463243201470_393477371_n -Jenavieve Belair 407714_10151067611966470_918497766_n -Jenavieve Belair // Wonderland Sun 422157_10150587676501470_13629369_n -Jenavieve Belair 547256_10150982345756470_536839315_n-Jenavieve Belair IMG_1792-Jenavieve Belair // Raen Optics 603118_358267860938164_733575852_n-Jenavieve Belair // Moon Metal 385297_358268500938100_1308794685_n-Jenavieve Belair // Moon Metal spring-Jenavieve Belair 6984_10151275758373431_805514336_n-Jenavieve Belair happy-Jenavieve Belair IMG_9886-Jenavieve Belair the death grip-Jenavieve Belair sunday lover-Jenavieve Belair vanity via TH -Jenavieve Belair // Moon Metal 2787_110785972425492_1519506199_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co 488228_110785882425501_1471788829_n-Jenavieve Belair // VNTG Supply Co

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