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On the off chance, you haven’t seen me raving about this on social media for the last few months, I wanted to reach out here. Because if you are here, then you are a reader and possibly have been with me for some time. And you are exactly the reason we created Trust and Travel. 

Trust and Travel is a 5-day immersive writing retreat set at the ultra lush Verana eco-resort in Yelapa, Mexico. Yep. Honestly, sometimes I don’t really believe it’s happening. One day it just came to be. I’d asked the universe for a new teaching opportunity and when fellow travel writer Jade Moyano reached out and asked me to co-create this I did not hesitate.

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There will be morning yoga and meditation led by Jade and our guest teacher Kelly, who is an absolute wonder and is also offering reiki sessions. We will have morning creative workshops taught by myself and then excursions and adventures and more workshops in the afternoon that range from the business of travel writing to structuring a piece taught by Jade. We are also bringing a guest teacher, Kate Juniper, who works as a freelance editor and she’s teaching a workshop on how to fine-tune your work and get it into fighting shape.

Verana is a work of art, the food is organic, the views legendary, and the company nothing short of magical. We have a group of women joining us that I feel so blessed to be leading into this journey. I feel humbled they trust us to do so, and so excited to make all of this come true. We have a few incredible sponsors that are filling our gift bags with goodies like Slow Tide towels and Belletrist, Richer Poorer and AllSwell Creative and Madre Mezcal. It’s a dream really.

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I am writing this because we still have a few tickets left. The dates are October 10th-15th and the tickets are around 2k but they include everything aside from airfare. So once you’re there everything from boat transfer to morning coffee and all classes are included. You’re totally covered. You can follow us on Instagram for more updates. But, what you really should do is go to our website and fill out our intake form, snatch up one of those last few tickets, and come write with me this fall.

If you can’t, send this to someone who might need to find their voice, take their writing career to the next level, or just escape to Mexico for a few days.

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