my Idaho

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you took me in like you knew me, took me like you’d been waiting for me
all those years. all these years.
how you had everything I never knew I never had.
your sage brush crusted foothills and heat that wrings my neck
you are blisters beneath my feet and love that I can’t keep
your winding dirt roads and whispered pines
led me to avenues and empty bars, smoke filled talks
and stars so close I taste
and beer so cold I shiver
and winter so silent all we can do is drive.
I chase the sun so high, so low
to make love in mustard fields
fingers curled around lavender bunches and poppies in my eyes
you are caverns and cliffs and rocks to be thrown
crystal lakes and open roads and mountains cut my fingertips
you are rivers that rush and wander and teach me
how to listen to the heartbeat. 


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