on sacrifice


You cannot talk about what you cannot talk about. I am learning lately how folded in we get on ourselves and how like time, it can never really ever make sense. We point at reasons and excuses that are born from themselves and produced along side fear and we believe wholly that these are some variation of our truth. When we know nothing about truth. I am reading a book right which speaks mostly on our concept of love, and everyone lately even strangers, speak on power struggle. Has the whole world been aware of this besides me this entire time? How can we as people ever expect to truly love ourselves or anyone else if we continually revert back to a paradigm that only breeds judgement, negativity, and loneliness? How can we ever be anything other than anxious if this is the case?

A man in the park yesterday read my mind because I’d been thinking a lot on sacrifice. He told me with glassy eyes, “sacrifice is the cheddar of the universe.” And I laughed because his phrasing was so on point and his message was so deliberate. I’d recently been in a room with someone I loved only to hears the words, I would sacrifice nothing for this. And at the time this seemed somehow a character flaw of my own, as did everything else in the world at that specific moment. But what I’ve come to is an entirely new understanding of the word. I am so tempted to write it down and pass it out to every person on the street, those religious men on campus make more sense to me now.

I think we as humans get caught up in the idea that to sacrifice is to give something up, to give in or to get rid of a part of ourselves and or something we hold close. But this is only half. This is a true half but we ignore the second half, and that is in sacrifice we offer this piece up for a greater good, a greater love, and a greater sense of self than we could ever posses if we held miserly to things and aspects of ourselves we so feverishly believe we need. It is impossible to see the future and to know what greatness can come from loosening our grip, so we don’t. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be different if we chose to walk in a new path. Your footprints will not tell you where to go next, and do not be afraid to turn upstream. 

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