on perception

UV8A1486Memories are malleable, they bend and shift– altered by who we are while doing the remembering. I’ve spoken this idea before, but I know now in new ways how true it is. This applies most aptly to our perception of people. Because who they are, were, or might truly be is subject to the circumstances, the circumference– the space in which you hold between their body and your own changing organism. Our cells are constantly regenerating. We are literally not who we were yesterday. I think sometimes we so badly want others to be who we see, or what we see in them that we favor the glittering qualities and are willing to get sick over it. Someone told me the other day how dangerous it is to fall in love with someones potential. We manipulate our own line of vision and ignore reality. But there is no fault in this. Our perception of things is a survival mechanism, it allows us to fall in love and take risks, to live with abandon and to convince ourselves of both greatness and terrible mistakes. But the real qualities of survival come in the ease and knowledge of knowing when and how to disassemble your perception of someone else, how to see a situation naked without the choke in your throat. It comes to you and one day you wake up capable of taking apart something as complex as love, and piece by piece you place it back on the shelf.  


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