I say things

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I say things to you like;

can you wake me up early, while the day dreams are still playing?
and can you lay me down late, where the night dreams are laying?
And you kiss me some sideways on the back of my head,
you kiss my red lips. we can kiss till we’re dead.
And I ask you for things men shouldn’t give,
and I lay down the letters, in the season we live.
and we sing by the canyons, and we could sing by the sea:
if we walked west for six days,
if we bargained the plea,
if we sold all our shoes,
to the men who buy souls,
and we traded our lashes to the women with gold,
and we tricked all the children to give us their age,

then we could keep loving till the end of our days.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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