dolla dolla bills

If ever there was a good cause for your hard earned dolla bills then I suggest this is it. LiveFAST is going to print. For someone like me who thrives on holding well pressed pages between her fingers this is literally a dream come true. I spend the better part of my first cup of coffee trolling, falling in love over and over again. LiveFAST was started by vixen Viveanne LaPointe in Los Angeles on nothing but a few good ideas, great fucking taste, and some of those precious dolla bills they’re now asking for. LaPointe has single handedly funded the project since its conception and now their kickstarter closes in seven fucking days… and they need our help. LiveFAST is home to some of the most talented writers, artists, muses, fashion designers, and photographers floating around in our generation. LaPointe and crew never cease to push the boundaries of Fashion, Art, Sex, and Travel – just in case you weren’t aware what the acronym stood for, all the very best things in life. On the daily they host a number of talents that have everyone drooling on their keyboards. But there is something more happening than fine looking ladies in lingerie, interviews with the new kids on the block, gush worthy videos by Jason Lee Parry… it’s a post feminist feminist way of saying we do what the fuck we want, all the time, tits out, fingers up, style on. We own and rule our bodies and this world around us. Apologies for no one.

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