to my friends

Often times life is complicated because we choose to complicate it. We decide to over think, rethink, plan, replan, dedicate ourselves to the hypothetical, the search of unanswerable answers because they lie in the future. There is a difference between planning and dreaming, a difference of hope and a difference of faith. Planning carries with it a paranoia that whatever it is we do, possibly we are doing it wrong. While dreaming is planning in it’s most hopeful and pure form, without fear and without doubt. There is something going around right now, a dreaming bug, and I have seen it affect my closest friends this past year. I am in awe of what they are capable of. How fearless and how truthful they can be. I have seen shackles fall to the wayside, oceans and continents crossed, and those daydreams become life like. I have been blessed in this life to attract the company of incredible people and although many of you are far away from me now, holding court in cities across the world- know that your dreaming is with me in all the choices I am making. I love you all .

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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