kitty lions

I don’t know why today of all days, this song seems like the right song. I woke up singing it, someone must have spoken the words to me in my dreams. I had a conversation the other day on songwriting and what it looks like for me. After drinking on it for awhile the only thing I really have to say about song writing versus any other form of writing is that, the words are etched into my bones in a way nothing else I have ever written is. Every song holds several memories, cut and glued together, strung to dry on the line to dry until they look and sound like something new. This song began in the back of VW bus in Avon Utah after a music festival last year while on tour. The idea was fueled by relationships we had with musicians on the road, listening to their struggles and the girlfriends left behind. It seems like such a glamorous and interesting life, and I am sure sometimes it is, but I also cannot think of a greater sacrifice than a life on the road for your art.

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