This is my last morning in the daily life I have grown accustomed to. I leave tomorrow morning so that will be all madness and mad dash out the door, goodbyes and leaving things behind. So today is the last day I wake up before anyone else in the house and get cozy on the couch, check out music blogs and repost my new album anywhere I can on the internet. It’s the last morning I see my sister stumble out in her pajamas to let the dog pee and the last morning I wait patiently for my man to rise well after I do. Of course, this is all very dramatic. Did you not read the disclaimer at the top of my blog? I will be back in December and I am sure slip very quickly into a routine I once knew. But, today it feels very final and quite sad. and yet somewhere down there I am excited for the great beyond and my solitude. stay tuned, I have a feeling it’s going to get quite interesting.

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