Parts Of Speech


I am beside myself with the release of Dessa’s new album Parts Of Speech. There is a timing with my life and her music in which a new album seems to appear whenever monumental shifts occur for me, providing the perfect soundtrack to whatever it is I may be going through on this go around. I listened to the entire album on a morning walk down by the water today. The salty beach air and low strung clouds casted a mood. At times speechless by her decisive word choice and others wearing a slap happy grin at the clearly superior production of this album in comparison to previous releases. I swore my allegiance to Dessa long ago. One of the most special men, but at the time just a boy, that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing time with was keen to what she was coming out with. At the time she was a spoken word artist and just recently been adopted into Doomtree. We anxiously awaited the release of her first EP. It was she who first opened my eyes and ears to what one could truly do with words. Her accuracy and aim, the fire behind the syllables, the images she painted and the ability she possessed to cut through everything and dig out exactly how I was feeling- beating bloody heart in hand. I was a new kind of thinker after her and soon a writer. I wrote college entrance essays in which the asked me to best describe my greatest influences. I wrote honestly and told them all of this.

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