The brief flicker of excitement faded as the diner disappeared in the rear view mirror. We were alone again. The wind picked up blurring the horizon of the desert. The heat made the yellow line in the road blur. Jeffery lit a cigarette.

          “You know Melanie eventually we gonna have  to stop somewhere.”

So long as we were on the road I felt home. So, we kept going and when we were tired we slept. I stuck my arm out the window bending my fingers to ride the passing air like a child. My lips were chapped and my t-shirt was stained. It made me feel like his little sister and less like his lover. I adjusted my legs so they looked thinner. My knees pressing into the dashboard glove box left my feet to dangle and sway. Jeffery swerved to avoid something in the road.

We were north of Albuquerque and south of a place called Truth or Consequences. I thought it strange anyone would name a town something like that. When we arrived I could quickly tell it was the kind of place you didn’t stop at, and if you did chances are you never left.

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