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Cherokee Fade spent this past Tuesday night singing in the freezing cold at the Orange County Music Awards at the Tustin District Marketplace. We shared the stage with lovely local acts all relatively acoustic and folky in nature. We were the mellow showcase of the series. Despite the cold winds there were many fans and friends there which kept the vibe warm. Kevin and I had a lovely time playing seven of our favorite classic songs and one cover, our special rendition of Grease’s “Your The One That I Want.” Apparently we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it because we poped up on a few websites including the front page of the music section for the OC Register and Locale Magazine’s blog. We also were reviewed on Music in Press the day before the showcase. Go us. See us sing. Our next show is right around the corner: next Wednesday, The 23rd, at the Gypsy Den in Anaheim for the first ever Downton Sounds Anaheim Music Night. 


Downtown Sounds article

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