what little winter we have


california has this particular way of completely disregarding the seasons. I like it. It makes me feel like we have more in common. I have been feeling particularly isolated lately and I think it has something to do with a little bit of everything. This picture was taken this afternoon by Jenna in the middle of the most ordinary day, and yet there is something so out of the ordinary about it. For one, the expression on my face can only lead on to believe that the sky is indeed falling. It’s how I feel – as if I am just waiting right now to see what will drop. Not in a pessimistic way, more of a fascinating way. I feel taken by the world around me – swept up by the romance of what little winter we have here and dreaming of far away places that I only get to in my stories. In the mornings before work I stand still in the center of my living room and drink an entire glass of water while trying to hold onto the very same thought. Sometimes I can see my breath and sometimes I write rhymes inside the cuffs my work shirt.

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