it was

a highlight reel of of 2012. For better or worse.

Happy New Year Y’all!!
Cheers to feeling pretty all year round 🙂


IMG_1020I learned that almost nothing in this world makes me happier than singing.

IMG_0759I quit my job at the Hilton. After six years of servitude, I quit!

I quit so I could travel with people I love through Sri Lanka and the Maldives…

IMG_7635 IMG_7659 IMG_7716 IMG_8581

IMG_0515Josh and Mia got married and we got all dolled up for the occasion… 🙂

IMG_0346I got really into juice cleanses

IMG_0831and this guy…

IMG_0986and whiskey, but I guess that’s not all that new

IMG_9486And Candace got pregnant!!

IMG_0417and then poped out this little cutie! Tatum!!! We love you!

IMG_0814We said goodbye to the tree house.

431132_10150574749717475_435375993_nAnd to people we love. Miss you Dennis J.


IMG_9007And then Cherokee Fade went tour through the Pacific Northwest and we went camping in Canada and fell a little more in love…

305351_1802452662497_829578279_nMiss Natalie came and went…

IMG_9531And the lovely miss Jenna Rae came back after wandering the globe to rejoin our clan 🙂

IMG_0331My big sister Danielle got engaged to Ryan!!!!!!

IMG_0201I spent an incredible week in July at Squaw Valley Writers Workshop and made the decision to go through with my applications for grad school and I was inspired to turn my short story into my first novel.

2013 will see… the completion of our new album Creek Don’t Rise, the first draft of my novel Outside Ohio, Danilelle’s wedding, and quite possibly a big move to a wonderful school of my choosing…. we shall see we shall see…


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