Creek Don’t Rise

There is rarely a right time for anything and hardly never enough time for everything. No better way to begin than now, as in right now. The world is turning and time is passing and the longer we wait tinkering over guitar tones and verbs the longer we will go without Cherokee Fade’s next album. Did I just semi refer to myself in the third person? Shoot me if that becomes a habit. Anyway, I’m sitting at the computer manning the technology while Kevin plays the first piano tracks of this record. I am tickled and proud as the first song we are hammering out is titled For Richard Or Poor, created from a short poem I wrote after a trip home to Minneapolis in June, well a June or two ago now. The process a piece of work undergoes in this kind of art is nothing short of love. I am constantly amazed by Kevin and how he hears every little thing, how the piano goes and how bright it should be. I help I like to think. I make idle comments about which guitar to use and I keep his spirits up while he tirelessly plays every single instrument. I use incredibly unprofessional words like dumpy and circusy, as in from the circus. He has moved onto harmonica while I write this. My tea is cold and the cat can’t get comfortable on the keyboard. I’m so lucky, I don’t know if luck is the right word. I think by this point we have earned this partnership in love, in music, in life. We are moving out of Milk Route Records at the end of this coming January. We want this record to be finished by the time we move on. It seems appropriate. There is a great road ahead of us and I sit right now at the start. There is so much beauty and so much hope in the beginning. So much like our love and life we are hoping it all doesn’t go to shit. Hence, the name of this album: Creek Don’t Rise.

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