I have realized in the last week or two that it has been years since I was truly tired. It is true we are capable of so much more than we realize. Time expands and contracts to fit what we need. A day becomes longer when there is more to do. Honestly a part of me wants nothing more than to watch a Law and Order marathon and drink and entire bottle of pinot noir but the rest of me knows now is not the time. I can see calm-er seas ahead for December but first I must weather the rest of November. This time of year always makes me miss home- my Minneapolis home. Christmas lights are linning the trees on 2nd street where I currently write- staring out the window of a coffee shop between jobs. There is something missing and yet something entirely romantic about the holidays in California. The women next to me are speaking French. I want to to sing a song in French and if you know anyone who can help me do this please write to me. I have said this before but life feels rich right now. There are several projects in their infantile stages and I cannot wait to see what becomes of every single one. So much to do. So much to be.

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